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Default Avatar Hosted by Tom O'Brien
On air from 1:00 PM Pacific to 2:00 PM Pacific
Tom O'Brien is the founder and CEO of TFNN Corp. The mission of TFNN Corp is to help individuals take charge of their financial destiny by educating investors directly and interactively through its Radio Programming and its Instructional Web Site. Tom is a professional trader and educator, call in to hear his views and become educated as to how markets move and what they should be doing about it here and now. Tom's audience proudly call themselves "Tigers" and "Tigresses".

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Default Avatar Hosted by Andy Hecht
On air from 2:00 PM Pacific to 3:00 PM Pacific
Andy Hecht has been a commodities trader for more than three decades. He has traded physical commodities, futures and options on precious metals, base metals, energy, agricultural, soft commodities and commodity related currencies. Andy has experience in transporting, financing and trading a broad range of commodities and raw materials. He was directly involved in structuring some of the largest commodity trades ever done in the 1990s.

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