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Ray Lucia Hosted by Greg
On air from 2:00 AM Pacific to 3:00 AM Pacific
Join Greg your “co-pilot” and crew for a virtual flight with Just Plane Radio....the show devoted exclusively to flying and the aviation lifestyle. The mission of JPR is to share the relatively easy process, the adventure and freedom associated with becoming a private pilot.

On Next: World of Boating

Default Avatar Hosted by Captain Steve and Greg-Your 1st Mate
The Radio Show Devoted Exclusively to the Boating Lifestyle.
On air from 3:00 AM Pacific to 4:00 AM Pacific
A program that includes current boating information spiked with a little attitude and irreverence.

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KSBN is streamed over the Internet in SHOUTcast format. SHOUTcast is simply an mp3 with a little bit of extra header information. This means you can easily save our broadcast and replay it later on your favorite mp3 player. For more information, see or Wikipedia's SHOUTcast article.


The following software can be used to listen to KSBN over the Internet.

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player will not play a Shoutcast stream out-of-the-box. I don't know why Microsoft won't support an open and free streaming format that would be trivial to implement. Regardless, if you insist on using Windows Media Player, a gentleman has written a program that will allow Windows Media Player to play a SHOUTcast playlist file (*.pls). The software is available here. Additionally, you can listen to KSBN in Windows Media Player by manually loading our audio stream. To do so, do File->Open URL..., then enter the URL and click OK.

One listener wrote in concerned that our audio stream wouldn't work in his web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome). While it may seem that way, the problem isn't actually in the browsers, but in Windows Media Player itself.